11 Glove

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Totally Random Survey Questions!! There's alot here!!! ;) ?

These are some totally random survey questions that I typed as they popped into my head! Hope u like 'em! ;)

1. Favorite Soda?
2. Favorite Candy bar?
3. Favorite Kind of chip?
4. Favorite type of coffee drink?
5. favorite Ice Cream Flavor?
6. Favorite Ice Cream Topping?
7. Favorite Season of the Year?
8.. Favorite Month?
9. Favorite Day of the Week?
10. Favorite Color?
11. Mittens or gloves?
12. umbrella or hood?
13. pancakes, frenchtoast or eggs?
14. turkey or ham?
15. Wheat or white?
16. Ketchup, Mayo or mustard?
17. Italian or Mexican food?
18. beach or mountains?
19. city or country?
20. coffee ot tea?

Ok, these are some totally random ones, but I hope they're fun for you guys!! ;)

Best Answer...


1. Jones Soda
2. Reese's Fast Break
3. Sour Cream and Onion
4. Folger's
5. Vanilla
6. Hot Fudge
7. Summer
8. June
9. Friday
10. Blue
11. Gloves
12. Hood
13. Pancakes
14. Neither
15. White
16. None of the Above
17. Italian
18. Beach
19. Country
20. Coffee